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ID 471110

Vishwaraj Anand


Working at Microsoft, Software Developer with Developer Division

ID 679675

Vishwaraj Anand

I am working with Microsoft as of now and am keen to work with some of the promising budding up firms.

ID 694325

Subram Kapoor


Co founder, Beam Telecom, India's 4 the largest ISP... Exited to private equity investors in 2013 ...

ID 709065

Goutham Reddy


MBA graduate from Indian school of Business. Set up and run an agri based company prior to MBA. Also set up a company in West Africa, primarily into mining

ID 358794

Perraju Bendapudi


Currently with microsoft as partner architect. Co founded cloudgust, missionrnd. graduated from IIT Kanpur in 1993.

ID 234411


Founder saminfo • Worked at @wipro-technologies • Studied at @mallareddy-college-of-education

ID 187480

Durga Prasad


ID 375177

Sandeep Patil


Working in Banking domain since past 8yrs

ID 435406

Chaitan Nallamothu


Engineering Director @ Automotive Robotics Inc.Part of the company since 2001 Developing & Managing Engineering Business & Delivery Globally. Heading Global Solutions Team with a focus on Innovation combining Engineering Advancements with Human Needs.

ID 242232

Kalpesh Agrawal


I am founder of National crowdfunding federation of India.

ID 102153

Abhishek Gupta


Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Running the Accelerator TLabs by Times that invests in very early stage tech startups

ID 314740

Ragini Reddy

Good investor

ID 441312

Sriram Syamala


Founded Isilica Networks in 2003, early bird at Juniper and Cisco. B.Tech and MS in Computer Science.

ID 225333

Prashanth Meka


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